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Each Tax Deductible Donation Helps Bring Families Together!

ACCESS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


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Donate - with each donation you help bring families together

How You Can Help:

The Auxiliary of Good Samaritan Hospital NICU ACCESS Program is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Federal ID#: 946099635) and is dependent on volunteers and donations for its support. Donations are fully tax-deductible.

Why Donate?

ACCESS provides services at no charge for families with babies or children hospitalized in the Good Samaritan Hospital NICU, PICU, Pediatric Unit and for families of mothers with high risk pregnancies in Antepartum. Since its inception in 2007, ACCESS has provided families with much needed services. While the idea of using a spare room, providing a ride, or making a snack available to help a family in need is a simple one, the task of matching these families with the appropriate hosts or services is more complicated. With your support, we will continue to provide more comfort each year.

  • Donate Directly to ACCESS by 
    • Using PayPal for secure monetary donations by clicking on the yellow “Donate” button nearby on this page,
    • sending your checks payable to ACCESS, The Auxiliary of Good Samaritan Hospital, 2425 Samaritan Drive, San Jose, CA 95124, or
    • contacting the ACCESS office at 408-559-2395.
  • Donate a Car or Boat and the sale proceeds will be forwarded to ACCESS.
  • Use the Lucky Supermarket Chain's S.H.A.R.E.S. card each time you shop at a Lucky, SaveMart, Smart foods, or FoodMaxx (Cards may be obtained at the Good Samaritan Volunteer office)
  • Buy or refinance a home with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Wells Fargo will donate $300 in your name to the charity of your choice (ACCESS)
  • Double your contribution by donating through your employer's matching gift program
  • Celebrate a birth or honor a loved one by making at least a $500 contribution and you will be acknowledged on ACCESS donor boards throughout the hospital.
  • Organize a fundraising event through your church, temple or office or host a house party, fun run or yard sale to benefit ACCESS.
  • Contribute goods or services to be auctioned at one of our fundraising events and encourage your business partners and friends to do the same.
  • Redeem your frequent flyer miles or credit card bonus dollars for ACCESS and use them to purchase gift cards, office supplies, or items suitable for our auctions.
  • Attend fundraising events that benefit ACCESS and bring your friends!
  • Remember ACCESS in your planned giving.

Taxes and Your Donations

Beyond an investment from your heart, a donation to ACCESS can also be a financial benefit come tax time.

Here are some considerations to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your generous donation:

  • As a nonprofit, ACCESS is classified by the Internal Revenue Services as exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3)
  • Keep records of your donations, including importantly, receipts or letters from ACCESS acknowledging receipt of your donation.
  • Donations of more than $250 must be supported by record of payment from your bank. (Cancelled check, bank statement, etc.)
  • If you volunteer, you cannot deduct the value of your services, but you may be able to deduct some expenses if they are:
  • Not reimbursed through your employer or anyone else
  • Directly connected with the services you performed
  • Expenses you had only as a result of your volunteer work
  • Not personal, living or family expenses
  • Generally, no more than 50 percent of your adjusted gross income can be deducted. If you donate more, carry that undeductable amount over into the next year.

We recommend you contact a tax professional for more information.

In addition to donations from individuals, the following ways of giving also qualify for maximum tax benefits

Private Foundations

As a public charity, ACCESS is qualified to receive grants from private foundations. A grant to ACCESS will help your foundation satisfy its annual distribution requirements while helping ACCESS accomplish its mission of serving families.

Donations of Securities

In addition to donating cash to ACCESS, individual donors may make gifts of publicly traded securities. The donor is not taxed on any gain in the property, and the donor may deduct the fair market value of the gifted securities against other income (subject to certain limitations).

Sponsorship Opportunities & Amenities

Donors should seek the advice of a professional tax advisor.