ACCESS Time Reporting Options
Three Time-reporting options are now available.  You may report your hours for the month, or you may report daily, or weekly.  Whichever option you choose the hours will get into the database.

If you wish to test any one, or more, of the forms please click on the "Test" button.  This will operate exactly as the "Submit" button but the data will be identified as test data only and will not be recorded in the database.

Monthly Reporting Select the reporting month from the select list.
Daily Reporting Click in the "For Day:" textbox and a calendar will appear defaulting to the current date and allowing you to select the day for which you are reporting hours.
Weekly Reporting Click in the "For Week (Beginning):" textbox and a calendar will appear.  The only days you may select are the Sunday date for the week you wish to report.  Weeks begin on Sunday.